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Learn to Lease: A step by step guide to leasing a car with ALD Automotive

22 Sep 2020
With the advent of car leasing services, a personal vehicle is no longer a dream. With low monthly lease rentals, no burden of commitment and all the perks of owning a car, leasing a car is a great way to sort your commute worries. Here's a step by step guide to car leasing, to help you get the best deal for your next ride.
  • Check your company policy and eligibility The leasing process starts with your company's car leasing policy. As per your company leasing policy, you would be eligible to lease a particular range of cars. These would be the options your company has made available for you, basis seniority and various other factors.
  • Research is key So, once you have looked up the various cars you are eligible to lease, check out the different car models available in the market, and narrow down on the ones that seem to fit your needs. The internet always has a whole lot of information on cars - latest models, tech specs, reviews and just about everything you need to know about the car before you lease it. Once you've looked at which car models you would want to lease, it's time to get a quote.
  • ALD Quote - time to talk numbers To compare quotes for those models, use the ALD Quote app. The ALD key account manager assigned to your company would be the person to go to, who will provide you company-specific access to the ALD Quote app. ALD Quote allows you to choose your car policy level and shows you the cars that you are eligible to lease. You can get quotations for various cars, across mileage and tenure options. Plus, you can choose the value-added services you'd like to opt for, like maintenance, door to door service, stand-by car, etc. for a comprehensive costing. While getting the quote for your car, there are a few things you should keep in mind:
    • The term of the lease The term of the lease indicates the duration for which you want to lease the car. Usually, car lease contracts are fixed in multiples of 12 months. You can choose the duration based on your future plans. Longer the tenure you choose, lower is the monthly lease rental.
    • The sale price and residual percentage Our partnership with a wide range of auto-manufacturers enables us to offer you the car at highly competitive prices, almost always better than other dealers. Another important number to look out for is the residual percentage. The higher the residual percentage, the lower will be the amount of depreciation you'll have to pay. Seek advice from our expert advisors if you are specifically interested to look at such cars.
    • Mileage per year Any lease contract allows you to drive a fixed number of miles every year. Calculate your average driving and add a few hundred or a thousand kms to arrive at your number. Also discuss the over-mileage charges, so that you can avoid paying extra later. Once you've factored in these variables, our advisors will be able to give you an estimate for the monthly rental - a number that suits best your budget - basis your location, mileage and duration preferences. Remember, your company's ALD key-account manager will always help you find the best deal.
  • Finalize your car and sign the contract Once you have chosen the car you want to lease, it's time to put things on paper. Sign the tripartite lease contract, between you, your employer and ALD Automotive. Once you’ve done that we’ll order the car specifically chosen and personalized for you. All you have to do is relax, while your dream car arrives. Keep documents like proof of address, identification proof, etc. handy before taking delivery of the car.
  • Keep the car, not the hassles Once you get your car delivered, you're all set to cruise down the street. ALD Automotive believes that your car leasing journey should never be bumpy. Which is why, the 'My ALD' app caters to all your after-sale service needs. You can use the My ALD app for a wide range of services - from scheduling servicing appointments, to insurance related support and much more. We are also just a call away for our customers, on our toll-free number - 1800 209 5253.

Treat your leased car as your own and enjoy the perks of a personal vehicle, without the hassles. For more on how to lease an ALD Ugo car, talk to our team today.

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