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Car leasing myths. You don’t still believe them, do you?

16 Feb 2021
There is no doubt that mobility has completely changed in today's time. In a world where the idea of personal mobility and increased financial consciousness have both arrived hand in hand, you want to re-evaluate how you approach your transportation. Car leasing has emerged as a go-to, reliable solution to solve modern mobility issues. However, with a concept this new, we understand that you may have multiple questions laden with false beliefs and myths around car leasing.
Let's understand how these common car leasing misconceptions are untrue.
  • The leasing-renting confusion Car leasing is often regarded as the same as renting, but that is completely untrue. Leasing means using a car specifically bought and registered for you. The duration of use is decided and fixed at the beginning itself. You get complete freedom as the lease contract is made especially for you, keeping in mind your requirements like mileage, tenure and additional services you would require like maintenance, roadside assistance and insurance.
  • The more cost-efficient option Leasing is commonly thought to be expensive. When in reality, the car lease rentals are calculated on the depreciation value and not the entire value of the car. There is no down payment too, which prevents you from incurring a large expense. With leasing a car, you pay a fixed amount of lease rental and your payment is divided into monthly intervals, leaving you with more cash in hand.
  • Car leasing for salaried employees Do you believe that a salaried employee can only lease a car based on their eligibility in the company car policy? Well, let's do away with this myth. With ALD iDrive, as a salaried employee you can get a car on lease irrespective of your designation, seniority or job function in the organization. All you need to do is clear a quick credit check process and get to driving your preferred car in just a few steps.
  • You get what you want Do not believe that you will not get to choose the colour or variant of car you like or be stuck with a yellow car number plate. You can opt for any colour and variant of your choice, (subject to eligibility if taken under company car policy). Additionally, your car will also have a black and white number plate. This is because the registration of a leased car is similar to a private vehicle and the car is registered in the name of the user, that is you.
  • Consistent lease rental Many users worry that rentals will change mid-contract, which is a false notion. The amount of the lease rental is determined before you sign the contract. There are no surprise or hidden costs that will come your way. You will experience an increase in monthly rentals only if you decide to increase or decrease your mileage or opt for extra services like door-to-door pickup and drop, relief-car etc. or any sudden change in the tax laws of your region.
  • Economical maintenance and hassle-free car return You can discard the misconception that you will pay for every dent and scratch. Towards the end of your lease, we at ALD Automotive inspect the car along with you to record its standard condition. We understand that the car would be subject to regular wear and tear, given its usage throughout the lease and thus, the payable damages are usually lenient. You can also avail a range of services like insurance, relief-car and maintenance and reach out to us whenever your car needs attention and we will provide you with 24x7 roadside assistance in case of emergencies.
  • No trouble due to car thefts If you believe that car loss due to theft will cause you trouble, you are wrong. We at ALD Automotive have associations with leading motor insurance companies. We take care of the entire process right from initiation to the settlement of the claim. Unfortunate incidents like car loss and thefts are not in your control. Which is why we keep the settlement charges very lenient and ensure that the process is transparent and easy.
  • Easy exit options It is a false notion that you are stuck in the lease rigidly. With ALD Automotive, you can easily choose to opt-out of a car lease early without any added complications with the help of Optiflex matrix. It ensures a transparent and easy exit. At any given time in the lease you will be aware of the amount you would pay should you choose to exit. This way, there are no extra charges thrown at you.
  • Multiple end-of-lease options It is a myth that you will be left without a car at the end of your lease. You get multiple options to proceed with towards the end. You can choose to extend the contract on the same car with a revised rental plan or upgrade by contracting for a new model. You can also opt to buy the car.
Car leasing with ALD Automotive is easy and hassle-free. With value-added services and transparency at every step of your journey, we make car leasing a smooth ride. To understand more about car leasing, contact us at to get all your answers.

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